THIS IS THE MOST ULTIMATE TIPS EVER ON HOW TO GET MONEY, No Crops, No Fishing, No bugs selling that can beats this tips. BIG THANKS to Anton Hong, AgungT aka ParkSY for the advices. Now we got all the money, become king of this place. Since we have Doraemon which is the most super robot cat from future. All his magical tools actually can produce billions – trillions of money. The best tool from him is the mill which can produce money. Hope you guys enjoy this video.

How to get Mill:

Tips how to do mining:

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42 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE TIPS HOW TO GET MILLION G MONEY PER DAY Doraemon Story of Seasons

  • I love your channel!! My lifesaver but im going to use the second method as to turn the wheat into bread haha im no more a farmer but a baker🤣

  • Very nice trick, i do the same thing but instead of wheat, i buy Yam, then cook it to Baked Yam with oven then sell it, coz i dont have mill yet

  • Kasih tips donk bagi yang udh main, gmn caranya ditahun ke 2 si cafet jual wheat ??..soalnya divideo kan musing spring, lah gw musing spring ditahun ke 2 tapi si cafet ga jualan wheat T.T

  • Yeah making bread was better at max lvl, specially with 5 star wheat, i was suggesting dorayaki as it dont need any tools, just kitchen. 😅

  • Aw… i can't buy wheat from Cafet, only flour. Maybe Switch version already patched it? I'm in Winter and 1.0.2 version for Switch.

  • This is nice, but if you make a bread from a kitchen and your cotton swab is lv 5 you can produce 1 half star flour to lv 3 star bread, which lv 3 bread is more expensive rather lv half star flour

  • I already know this trick and even cook bread with the flour which will sell for 281gold per bread (at full star cotton swab)… i even tempted to RENAME my farm to SARIROTI just for the jokes because of this method (only indonesian understand this joke). But i always hestitant to share this to other people because overuse will make this game super easy 🤣🤣🤣

    Btw do you know that this "trick" have potential speedrun challenge… how about first year Spring 1 million gold challenge… or 2 million gold challenge… or as many gold as you can challenge… maybe you could make that as your next content for fun. I could give you key advice on how to do that…

    The key is… after all the new game cutscenes… IF YOU SAVE at 3rd spring BEFORE 12:00… you can reload if the restaurant did not sell you the produce you want… so… make sure the produce list have FLOUR… not wheat btw because you want the flour to bake bread… wheat need mill which only available in autumn… it will sell for 200g each…

    Next… as fast as you can… UPGRADE your house to get kitchen… you might want to cut trees for wood material… and mine for copper ore… also sell all forage and fruit for cash… sell all the ore EXCEPT copper ore which needed for the house upgrade to get more money… then when you wait for the upgrade (7 "work" days)… keep grinding for money to buy cotton swab cooking utensil. And secure some fund for your first stack of bread…

    After the kitchen finished… cook the flour to bread using cotton swab… you will not profit at your first bread batch (about 100pcs)… because your cotton swab will still level 0.5 star (i think you will loss 20 gold per bread)… but after that you will gain stars and the product will be better and cost more and bring profit… to minimize the loss… try cooking 20 bread each to let the tools update the stars… and at 5 star cotton swab… you will sell the bread for 281 gold each… while you buy the flour for 200 gold each. Which mean 81 gold profit each…

    Also you could burn all your money buying flour… at 12:00 to 16:00… cook it to bread… put it in shipping bin… wait till 18:00 to get your money… and go to restaurant again to buy more flour.

    For the record… i already done this challenge… but don't worry… i'm not interested to record or uploading video at youtube… so you could still be the first one who does this challenge on youtube… and maybe will spark an interest to other youtuber who play this game to start doing the speedrun challenge 🤣🤣🤣…

  • Channel nya bagus nih, informatif banget bang. Ngomong2 bang, ada cara yang lebih cepet lagi dari ini, cara abang masih baru setengah jalan, saya punya cara yang lebih efektif nih berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi dan dari hasil nyari info kesana kemari

    Tepung yang udah abang buat itu jadiin Bread semua. Cara masak bread itu pake Cotton Swab sama tepung 1 ntar jadi roti 1. Roti itu harga jual 1 nya 180. Cara untuk naikin harganya lagi itu dengan ningkatin kualitas rotinya, salah satu caranya dengan ningkatin kualitas Cotton Swab. Caranya bikin terus aja rotinya, untuk Cotton Swab naik kualitas setengah bintang itu butuh 20 kali bikin masakan (bikin aja roti 20 biji sekaligus), diulang sampe bintang 5 si cotton swab nya, berarti butuh 10 kali bikin roti yang jumlahnya 20 biji, total semuanya butuh 200 tepung. Ntar kualitas rotinya naek sampe 2.5 bintang. Harganya jadi naek sampe 250an lebih 1 rotinya kalo gk salah. Jadi ntar semua terigu tadi dibikin roti otomatis harganya naek berkali2 lipat, untungya masih jauh lebih tinggi daripada cuma jual terigu

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