This is the First Time I'v Gotten a 99 Skill in OSRS! Future Account and Youtube Plans! [OSRS]

Hey guys, today I wanted to to a bit of an update video on my plans for the future. I am going to be talking about plans for future videos, as well as sponsorships.
I am really excited to say I have finally achieved a 99 skill in OSRS. Its pretty embarrassing to say I have never actually gotten a 99 skill. I just have always created and changed accounts a lot, It just never happened. I am so happy, and I really want to work towards maxing my combat skills next.
Thanks for watching!
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48 thoughts on “This is the First Time I'v Gotten a 99 Skill in OSRS! Future Account and Youtube Plans! [OSRS]

  • any friends that like the ideas and could take the account off your hands and continue the journey? Obviously it would be best if they were a youtuber, but I think your fans would just be happy to know that the accounts are still going, and you could mention their progress here and there. That way the accounts dont die and you don't have to play something you don't want to be playing anymore out of a sense of loyalty to your viewers.

  • I like the transparency. Honestly I enjoyed the slayer only series a lot, so if you even slightly feel restricted accounts aren’t for you then I would recommend that you don’t create a new account on the most restrictive game mode (UIM) that runescape has to offer. That being said, I feel like the original rules you set on the slayer only account were very overbearing and you could restructure them to keep the integrity of the series and open up for the the game on the account

  • Hey man, first up I love your videos. I have been playing your idea for basically 2/3 months now on a new account. I play together with a friend, and we upgrade our weapons/gear through slayer. So it's kinda combining both of your ideas into one account 😉 It's been a blast so far. We've set up a google.doc to keep track of what we've unlocked so far and share screenshots through discord.

    I'd be happy to tell you more about it, and how I went about it, and if it's fun 🙂 Love to hear what you think!

  • I felt like you were directly talking to me when you mentioned ads with sponsored videos. If you took that out I wouldnt have anything to complain about. But I loved the guild only, really sucked when they took the hespori exp away. I'd definately understand if you dropped that series or the slayer only. But thanks for the great vids.

  • Restricted game modes are fun for about 3 minutes until you realise that you're just cucking yourself. The only true account is a maxed main.

  • Great idea on the weapon account!! I think you should allow smiting, adds variety and it's a hard grind anyway instead of just drops

  • Just take a day a week bud I'm sure no one would mind if I helped you to relax and in turn put out better content everyone gets burned out at somepoint

  • Just an Idea, Have a competition with another person/youtuber/personality where you are both assigned to flip a specific item (items assigned based on similar cost and Amount of Sale per day) and whoever merch's the most in a given amount of time, see who can merch the most and loser must drop party their earnings while the winner keeps the spoils. it has a lot of RNG involved so dunno how this would actually turn out but as i said…just an idea. of course whoever participates can not know the item they will be assigned beforehand so you could host this type of event or be a participant.

  • Every single day is a day off for you lmfao I don’t understand where this fatigue stems from. You are just playing video games all day (a hobby) and call it “work”

  • Yet ANOTHER advertisement slave, all while making less than someone actually contributing to society lolol video games aren’t work just because you decide to upload ita

  • Upgrading through every weapon seems super frustrating and boring for you, and that would probably make me feel bad for you instead of enjoy the video, but I'm not sure

  • You should make a news report on this It's basically the UK parliament's report on addictive and immersive technology and it talks about runescape in one of it's sections.

  • Id love to see an ultimate ironman series. Playing on an uim myself right now. Going trough all updates from release to current date. Bit similar to J1mmy’a by release

  • Regarding your productivity, you need to take on more responsibilities. Find something else during the day that you must do/work on. It used to be your other job but now you need something else.

  • respect for the update mate, the account could be a cool idea,i think it would be a good account to keep yourself into. like the idea of taking off YouTube adds on sponsored vids, i appreciate that!

  • So, I played very little long time ago. And I came back this year since a friend use to play a lot so we both jumped on, now previous to this I always watched OSRS YouTube channels since it was fun. When I came to make an account I kept thinking of unique ways of playing because that's what I've seen. Now I just play to get to end game content and enjoy it. The reason I say this is because this is your first 99 and you can't keep to a series so maybe try not to max exactly but fill in collection log, 99's or some end game content 🙂

  • About the sponsorship deals: I would be perfectly fine with you taking sponsorships and also having midroles. You're putting a lot of work into these videos and I really enjoy them. Get paid, my man!

  • ove the uim video idea
    maybe do one where u only do quests until you are finished to see what your account would look like no upgrades just items used gotten from quests

  • A possible solution for slayer only: do point boosts with the lvl 1 slayer master (forgot his name) to get like 5k slayer points and then just skip for the tasks. You can afk this account while doing other series next to it. (And make an epic montage for the point boosting)

  • the 1by1 account sounds terrible to watch
    maybe a hcim would be better. watching an uim is hard to watch unless you are doing something CRAZY (settled)
    on the sponsors rather see you get money for the time and effort, not a huge fan of midrolls just because normally plays 2 ads in the middle of the video. i dont know if you have control of the ads but in the beginning of the video is better than 5 mins in the video cutting off the videos. any way love your content man keep it up.

  • Bro. It made me so sad to see you get 99 by yourself. My story is just like yours, a few weeks ago I got my first 99 ever and it was strength and I too have been playing 15 years. I have a video of it on this channel and that’s how I would have thrown you a 99 party had I known you were getting it. You have a lot of fans, me included, and I assume you have a big cc, but if you ever want to hop into the Tan Tan cc, we are really close and friendly and like to inspire each other to progress. Feeling burnt out happens man but engage with some friends, do some bossing, do stuff that you enjoy instead of thinking you have to grind grind grind. My rsn is The RS Felon. Hit me up. We like to do small clan-only castle wars games, gamble on who can get a barrows item first and winner takes the whole pot, dharok bomb the mole with tons of people, or even just to standard trips to bandos and Corp. Don’t burn yourself out for our entertainment. It’s not all about the gains man. It’s a game and it’s about fun. Your new series idea sounds great dude but you might get tired of it if you’re not feeling super inspired right now. I felt that way for a little while – almost anxiety when I was logged in because I felt like I needed gains, or else total indifference because I could think of anything I even wanted to do – and having a close community and close-knit friends brought me back so fast and made the game come alive for me again.

    Sorry for ranting. The video hit me hard man. The community isn’t all toxic and I’m here for you along with many others. If you want to hit me up. Please do. I prefer fun over efficiency. Much love, and I always like your vids before I even watch them. 🙂 Luck on your journey and also my offer extends to all.

  • Not really digging the idea of the new account sounds like it would get dull quickly. Especially not being able to Smith things

  • I think if you make a UIM and add exessive restrictions to it, you have to be super super into it, to not burn out. Try making a UIM by itself if you haven't already. It's a really different experience which is cool imo

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