Unboxing a Windows XP Tablet From a Viewer!

Thanks to Mitchell for the donation!

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In today’s video, I unbox a package sent to me by a viewer! This is a Windows XP Tablet PC

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32 thoughts on “Unboxing a Windows XP Tablet From a Viewer!

  • These old Portege laptops with the Wacom active digitiser and stylus are really useful machines for startup animators on a tiny budget. You can find deals on these which make them cheaper than even the smallest, cheapest modern Wacom graphics tablets and these have the benefit of the drawing surface being the actual display. It’s like a low spec Wacom Cintiq.

  • what a nice text document! iTunes before iOS 7….I got an old Acer laptop (video on my channel also) from school and it had iTunes 4 installed but I didn't film that 😉

  • LOL I have one of those Toshiba tablets sitting somewheres in my garage… I think I'll have to go and find & play with it.
    Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  • This must be a semi recent laptop/tablet, that someone installed Windows 95. I say that because there was a WIFI/Bluetooth sticker inside the battery compartment.

  • This might be late. But the hovering tech has been a signature of Wacom's (that laptop has a Wacom hardware).

    The tech is very similar to Samsung's S Pen on the Galaxy Note, and that's made by Wacom too.

    It uses Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR) to track the pen's location even if it's not touching the screen.


  • 13:31 I've been meaning to do the same thing, but with Windows 7 and/or Mac OS 10.8! At least for the former, I've been meaning to get a ThinkPad T420 to load with Windows 7 before it goes out of support and have be my main Windows 7 laptop, like how I have my R52 for the same thing but with Windows XP. For example, I'd load Office 2010 instead of 2002, and Firefox 28 or ESR 24 with updates disabled, the latest Pale Moon, iTunes 11.4, etc.

    Also, Spotify?! Is it even possible to still log in on such an old version of the client?

  • Michael I would love to see a more in-depth video on this tablet/laptop. Awesome of Mitchell to send it to you. : = )

  • I used to love my 8960p Elitebook from HP that looked like this one, it was actually a very well performing tablet PC once I upgraded the CPU

  • I just came across this video, believe it or not I currently have 3 tablet pc's with styli, one has a regular touchscreen as well, I have a Toshiba Protege that is actually a little older than that tabletpc

  • I remember one of my old doctors having a PC like this but it was a fujitsu, he would use a special Dragon, naturally speaking mic to input text

  • I have a Lenovo Yoga 530-14ARR, a very nice machine. It has a Ryzen 3 2200u and a Vega 3 with 12GB RAM (upgraded from 4). I upgraded it from 4 and the gaming performance is drastically better.
    I'm able to run games like Battlefield 1 or Crysis 3 on 30FPS low. Before, I was only able to run Crysis 2 on 800×600 on 30FPS.

  • Hey Michael, congrats on the laptop! Just so you know, an alternative MAY be getting a Wacom USB tablet and using that with Windows XP Tablet Edition. I remember I had one and used it with the "tablet" features on Vista.

  • I can tell you that the Toshiba Portege line, which looks very similar to this without tablet functionality, also has that horrific Windows key placement.

  • Soon you’ll be able to install windows 10 ARM on any iPhone up to the iPhone X and some iPads using the checkm8 exploit by axi0mX. You should do a video on it 😂

  • OK so I guess you have two XP tablets now. Oh wait I got you confused with another YouTube that has an XP tablet

  • I had that exact model. It was a awesome laptop but the only downside was you needed the included DVD drive if you ever wanted to reinstall the OS.

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