Windows XP Service Pack 4 (Unofficial)

22 thoughts on “Windows XP Service Pack 4 (Unofficial)

  • anyway you can remove this service pack i tried removing it by going in to control panel and add remove programs but it cant find any thing

  • I just downloaded unofficial service pack 5 complete iso.Tomorrow i will test it since now is 2:17 in the morning.

  • Well you have to know that your servís pack 4 is not wat you are exposed, it's in realy a servís pack 3 modifated an make a originó system that makes no more activ an throus a messeg that your computer has to be activated and dus not open the window to activate this a big problem this situation starts to aspire after a few month after you install this so I can say that this software is no truly to use… I forgot to invite you to vhek on right click on prpivaries on My Computer an y'ill see that your computer is servís pack 3…

  • I have the 64-Bit version of Windows XP. I need the 64-Bit version of Service Pack 4. Do you have the Service Pack 4 – 64-Bit for Windows XP 64-Bit?

  • if i was doing this on windows 7, i would be wating un-till it got 2, >99%< hell no, i'm not wating that long, that's why window xp is Great.

  • windows xp is Awesome, i'm using windows xp 2002, but i wish i could find something 2 rebuild it i'm not really a fan of window's 7 much i have it but never use it, i keep installing window xp pack 3, & windows xp pack 2 & window's xp pack 1 on window xp, but i have try'ed everything, & that's why i know, i'm not finding the right thing, but i keep installing them, all the time, the window's pack's, keep's telling me, i don't need them, & my computer sound's hell weird in the good way, but i guess that's a good thing, & it sound's so fast & over worked, & has some over powering noise's in the system, i bet you it won't crash & burn. Window's is a tuff bitch.

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