We have a decent amount of items so hopefully we’ll have a chance at finishing this uber difficult randomizer today!
Testing out the new beta mode for the Zelda Ocarina of Time Entrance Randomizer! This video is only going to be on my Youtube channel temporarily. An edited version that cuts the experience down into a more enjoyable experience will be uploaded to my second channel soon to be archived for the memories 🙂
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30 thoughts on “ZOOTR – ENTRANCE RANDOMIZER – #3

  • >Do you think therelly ever be an HD Ocarina of Time

    Thats what Nintendo thinks the 3D version is, despite the tiny screen. They will never do it again

  • Watched this stream after it was uploaded I guessed the right medallion for deku tree wish I could of watched it live because Tyler is super cute but had to work adulting you know love you Tyler and keep doing you

  • Words of wisdow! At raising canes chicken always ask for extra crispy fries! They are game changers! Always extra toast no slaw.

  • I haven't gotten caught up on all the randomizers yet, but I was thinking it'd be interesting if all of your randomizer runs were in one playlist and you could watch all of the randomizers episodes in a random order.

  • Forgive me for saying this, but it becomes increasingly difficult for me to keep watching your stuff.
    Not because you're bad guy or what you're playing is bad, but because some of the subjects you keep bringing up are just not good for my mental health.

    First the DMT-thing that you've brought up twice now. Where you said afterlife is an illusion.
    That triggered my anxiety. Because the prospect of straight up being erased and no longer being anything just terrifies me.

    And now here you go and say, that we will cease to exist with death and that you're even happy that it is like this.
    Which triggered my anxiety once more, even worse than before.
    Because, again, that prospect is exactly what I'm scared of.
    I don't want to be erased with death. I want to keep being something.
    Not necessarily in an afterlife, but rather as part of a cycle of life. A cycle of death and rebirth.

    Also, why on Earth would you be happy, if you were to cease to be?
    I just can't wrap my head around this…

    Anyway, I like you and the things you're playing and doing. And I want to keep watchning this.
    But if you keep talking about this stuff, that triggers my anxiety, then I just can't.
    I don't want to risk panic attacks and such, over certain subjects that always come out of nowhere.

  • Couldn’t Tyler have gotten the song in the Desert Colossus by using the Hover Boots and jumping off from the upper right entrance or is that distance to far to reach?

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