Fashion Business v0.8 Download For Android  "EP2" Adult Sandbox Game For Free

Fashion Business v0.8 Download For Android "EP2" Adult Sandbox Game For Free

Download Fashion business apk for android ➡️
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Changelog 0.8 📍
The release contains more than 1700 new images, 42 new hot animations, and about 2000 new dialogs. I put a lot of effort into creating close-up animations for this update. Now their quality has become even higher, and the animations looking as realistic as possible!

What’s new 📍
Continuation of the storyline with Bardie: new Bardie’s orders, new locations, new characters (Bardie’s friend and their teacher), new hot scenes with Bardie and Monica, with Monica and Betty, as well as with the teacher.
Now there is an opportunity to play for Betty when completing the quest with a visit to сollege.
Continuation of the storyline with Marcus and new scenes in prison, which many have long been waiting for.
Relations with Julia: a new task from Fred and four new piquant mini-events with Julia.
BugFixes 📍
Fixed a bug where Biff doesn’t hire Monica to work in the office (no need to replay the game, it’ll be fixed automatically)
Other minor fixes.

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