American Chef – Cooking Game – Android Gameplay

American Chef – Cooking Game Kids mobile game Android Gameplay Full HD
Description: Make some good old fashioned street snacks with Maker – American Food, a fun cooking and decoration app that’s perfect for kids of all ages! Whether you’re at the fair, in the park, or just walking down the street, a tasty American food snack always hits the spot. Now you can start cooking your own street snacks without leaving your home. Kids can be a virtual food chef almost instantly!
The best cooking recipes start with a few simple ingredients. Start from scratch and get your kids cooking hotdogs, fudge sundaes, corn on the cob, burgers, fries and corn dogs just like a real street chef would make. Your first task is to assemble the ingredients, fry the snack to perfection, or just bake it until the chef says it’s done.
Once your street snacks are cooked, you get to decorate it with anything you like! You and your kids are the cooking chefs, so be creative!
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