Changes I'd like to see in Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate

17 thoughts on “Changes I'd like to see in Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate

  • New moveset for kiyomori orochi wukong and so on but goddang you are brutal but still i agree awesome vid as always

  • Warriors orochi 3 are much more quality than the fourth much bigger,great storyline,picking character much easier..4th looks kinda cheap..and much places a bit blurry..the magic is so OP that i do not need to use square triangle too much for combo

  • Dynasty Warriors 6: Very good ideas and implementation (Duels, environment, bgms, free roaming, sieges) destroyed by a few horrible decisions (Renbu System & Clones).

    Dynasty Warriors 9: Good Idea poorly implemented and rushed to hell.

    Warriors Allstars: Literally made as a cash grab when it had so much potential.

    Warriors Orochi 4: The result of copy+pasting from previous games instead of at least trying to take risks like with WO3 or maybe DW6.

  • Your right, I really hope Masayuki Sanada come to this game, he too good for him not to be in this game, they running on samurai warriors 4 engine so it should be easy to add. OMG adult yukimura would be dope too.

  • They could honestly just give the bulk of the DW9 characters the weapons that were thrown out of DW8E.

    For example, give Xin Xianying Yue Ying's old scythe and whatnot. I think the only one I'd honestly insist on an original moveset is Cheng Pu simply for authenticity, as Cheng Pu did use a serpent spear.

  • no damn itsukushima type battles…..worst thing in orochi 3 ultimate. and no orochi 4 didnt have that level of replayability. was good and i liked it but it was clearly inferior to orochi 3 vanilla and ultimate

  • No DW9 just cant be in the game (they have todally different gameplay
    There will be 3 new characters and 3 guest characters

    (That's how it looks like in the WO4U site)

    And yes WO4 has so stupid character selection (its soooo disipointed because WO1,2 and WO4 had amazing selection screen)

  • Great video fam. Id personally like an improvement on that garbo story. They also need to let us max out all the characters. Better modes. Sw sanada characters.

  • 0:30 that's not true at all

    The game wasnt a (sorry for DW game )
    they did said that they started making it even before DW9 (but didn't anaunce anything)

    And the game didn't got hate . Yes there was some people who didn't like a lot of stuff but there was more people who liked the game and they said it was good

    It seemed more like that DW9 was just rushed because of WO4

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