Dota 2 Player Plays League Of Legends For The First Time – Easy Tyler1

46 thoughts on “Dota 2 Player Plays League Of Legends For The First Time – Easy Tyler1

  • I hope you guys like the video because I did put some effort making it, And if u like the idea of me playing other games as well let me know

  • The thing here is that i switched to lol at this quarentine because my pc can handle lol only and after playing like 10 games i feel like its missing something
    Well first i cant see what are the enemy spells i cant read them i need to learn them by time so thats too bad cause i cant even know the range of spells
    2nd thing is the recommended items for sona lets say
    2 supportive items others are for fighting like wtf this champ is full supportive and doesnt have recommended support items so that thing makes me get lost in the game
    Other thing is the attack range is so low that its hard to harass enemy players as a support with your basic attacks , well some champs doesnt have much spells to create space for the carry
    Last thing as im playing with new players is im still confused about roles in the games and the champs arent siperated as int.str.agi or lets say supports. spell casters. carries. tanks so i still dont know what to pick as a support and what lane to go
    There is no safelane or offlane there always top and bot while there is a difference between them in both team sides

  • Well done dude, you didn't hate on the game and gave it a chance as a DoTA player, that's nice to see. Also it was entartaining seeing an experienced DoTA player playing lol for the first time lol I was dying when u picked Nami without realizing it was a support…And you built support items as well haha

  • As you noticed he died many times. That's the Dota2 culture. You trade a your life for someone's life. In Dota2 you die many times. That's how hard the games is. Dying in dota2 is normal. You even sometimes need it. So their is no such thing as unkillable "Faker" in Dota2. Even pros sacrifice a lot. Just to win the game.

  • LOL is simply Dota2. But a simplified version of it. You might as well know Guinso. He is one of the developers of LOL and a former developer of dota1. And he proudly accepts that he took out the complexity of the game to form a new game called LOL.

  • To be honest this dude play better than me when I first started playing league. I was a dumbass thinking Garen sword can cut enemy and then I find out there’s no logic in league LOL

  • Isn't it kinda funny though, I feel like everytime I see "long time league players" play Dota 2 for the first time they do absolutely horrible yet when long time dota 2 players play league they always seem to do much better. I really think Dota 2 needs to make it easier to get into because then they would probably have a lot more players.

  • I thought dota is slow but i see lol is much more slower, and for a single kill it take like ages hahhaa… somehow i think dota is much more interesting.. always make my heart pump in adrenaline rush

  • ive been playing both of them for about 2 years now and all i can say is you cant really compare these two games with each other since they are really different. League relies more on flashy combos and dashes so its really fast paced. Dota relies more on the timing and usage of your skills, you cant throw spells out every 4 seconds unlike league since you have much less of a mana pool in dota. One spell and your mana is usually already at half. So pretty much, league is for the people who like fast paced gameplay while dota is for the people who like it a bit more strategic and slow paced. I like both so I guess Im weird lul

  • League of legend is not more famous than dota 2…its just that lol is too fucking simple… At Creep Laning…. Farm rotation and all that shit…. Dota2 is more exciting…… Example… Im a dota 1 player that got instantly associated too dota 2….then becoming good at dota 2…it makes is dota 2 players play lol too ezily………. Like i said Lol. Is too simple… Im a invoker player…. Not gonna boast being good at him… Its just what im saying is that invoker is a complex hero….. Thats what make it fun… The game being Harder….. Lol is just too based….too EZ…. You just need a good reflex for playing… Lol… And thats what most of us dota 2 player have…..

  • ''not balanced'' .. well it is but youre just bad xp
    You can play some, but you have like 0 knowlege and then say shit like this? Also youre playing with people that never played before so.. its not even hard to be good in unranked and lvl 0

  • Sub for the full hp Garen ult, lol (2:48).

    It's more of an execute but don't worry, I used to do that too when I first started league and it wasn't til level 30 in my first ranked game where someone finally told me not to do that. Good times.

  • me starting play dota2 2013 now 2k mmr cant get higher. LoL ist time 2017 4 months Diamond WTF Leauge of Low shit kids

  • I know many doters think "stupid game, too ez, whatever-shitever". You know, League of Legends is much harder than u think. This low-low-low elo game shows nothing about true league experience. I am former dota guy, played it for several years (I am still watching dota 2 streams, championships… love it!) and now I am high elo lol player (diamond).. listen to me! Dota (2) is hard, it is trully very hard to learn and very hard to master. LoL is very easy to pick at first (compared to dota, for non moba players 🙁 but on it's own league is very hard to climb further… People say "there is no creep deny, no this, no that"… f. i. you can deny minions in lol and it's much harder to do then in dota (by zoning them out, harassing when going for last hit and by outtrading, or hard pushing lane under tower (canon waves even worse) when they are not in lane: this is lol's cs (gold) deny mechanics… player should know when to trade and how to trade (witch ability) and much much more… slow push-shove, freeze, effective rom-gank-vision, initiate-counter initiate, overextended positions, team compositions, teamfight positioning, terrain jukes, super waves, super minions, dragon-baron-buff-objective control, jungle pathing, counter jungling, summoner-camp timing, cs counting… does this guy talked about those things, no! Ofc just clicking mouse is ez, but…
    You still think LoL is ez? League map is so small that any small mistake becomes crucial (one step away, you are punished, just one mislick). One bad trade can lead to death, and vice versa. He played Zed, go watch what could GOD lvl Zed do..
    League is not like dota where you can feed whole game and then "suddenly" win (balanced shit). League is sooo much different, with it's own unique mechanics, very mathematical (brain heavy) macro, and ofc with it's own downsides.
    1st downside: community, for me feels much toxic. LoL is cancer…
    2nd: ranked games are just radioactively toxic, I've got brain damaged getting to diamond.
    3rd: so many baaaad players… brain damaged again.

    That's it… don't compare both games just because they share basics.. don't say "there are no trees, no high-low terrain, champs-heroes not free…"instead there are many other (fun to explore) things. Just take a deep look and then say your word. LoL has much higher individual outplay potential than dota. Currently I don't enjoy playing league (caused ranked ladder is insanely toxic).. but for sure it is not kid level ez as doters think. No hate, Peace ✌

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