GT5 PS4 Roleplay BIBRP (Sandy Shores)

Hey whats going on everybody! Its your boy Jackson Theofficer95 here with the best roleplaying content and videos. For those who are new to my channel or want to know a little bit about myself. Well to start off, I am currently a Criminal Justice college student at a state university here in Massachusetts. I am originally from Brooklyn,NY born and raised and Im here to share my awesome ideas with the community who shares the same passion I do for Law Enforcement and roleplaying. Brothers In Blue RP was created on July 11th of 2017. We have been a growing community since then. I have accepted a bunch of fantastic members into my community. Our community strides on Realism, Professionalism, and Maturity. We are always recruiting Cops, Civilians, Fire, EMS, Air support, etc. Interested in joining? Click link below and submit an application! Dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe and thanks for watching!


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