How To Fix WordPress 500 Internal Server Error (2019) – HTTP Error 500

Getting A 500 Internal Server Error? Here Is How To Fix It (2020}
In this tutorial, we walk through how to fix WordPress 500 Errors. First let me explain what a 500 error is. Do you remember going to a website and seeing a white blank screen? Or how about seeing “500 internal error” or “Google 500, that’s an error?” Well that is one of the http status codes that alerts you when something has gone wrong on the website’s server, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is. It could be caused by a new plugin you added or you could have just have ran out of memory. Basically, an action you have taken on your website has caused this error or there could be a problem with your web server. It’s no need to panic because the good news is, it is an easy fix, as long as you follow my steps in the video tutorial.

Timestamp 1. (1. 00:00-1:33) Corrupted .htaccess File Step By Step
Timestamp 2. (1:34-3:22) Plugin Conflict Step By Step
Timestamp 3. (3:23-5:38) Memory Conflict Step By Step

Okay so now we’re in your cPanel and you’re going to scroll down and find file manager. Make sure the site you’re working is selected and click show hidden files. Click go and find your .htaccess file and what you’re going to do is just rename it. Then click OK. 

Next you need to log into your WordPress Website Dashboard, ok scroll down, find settings, click permalinks and scroll to the bottom and click save. How to fix 500 wordpress errors in windows
What this does is repair your .htaccess file if it’s corrupted. If it works, you should be able to see your website, no white screen, no error message, then you found the problem, a corrupted .htaccess file. But if it doesn’t work, go to Step NO. 2.

Check to find out if there is a plugin conflict. Log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, scroll down and find plugins. Click install plugins and start deactivating these plugins one by one. Check to see if the error goes away as you deactivate them individually. And if the error goes away after deactivating each plugin, you know it’s a plugin issues.
NOW if you can’t get to your WordPress Dashboard, you have to access these plugins by logging into you web hosting server. Find file manager in your cPanel, select the site you are working on, make sure hidden files are selected and click go. Find your plugin folder and click okay. (That Folder can be found in WP Content Folder)
What you need to do is rename that plugins folder to deactivate it.


If you are able to see your WordPress Website after that, you know it’s one of your plugins that’s causing the issue. Now if that’s not the issue, go to NO. 3. (NOTE: Don’t forget to change your plugins folders back to the original name.)

You may have ran out of memory or don’t have enough from the beginning. To check this, you need to be in your CPanel in your web hosting server area. You need to access your WP-Config File to to access your memory settings. 
Scroll down find file manager, make sure you select the correct site you are working on, click show hidden files and click go. Find WP-Config.php, click on it once and go to the top and click Edit, edit.


Scroll down in your config.php file until you find define( ‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );

Yours may have a smaller limit like 64M or 128M, which is what the average WordPress Website has. If allowed by your hosting company, you can increase this limit to a higher one by changing what you see there. Memory limit of “128” is comfortable, but “256” is a lot better, if allowed. Click save, and if that white screen goes away, you know it’s a memory issue. 
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  • WordPress 500 Internal Server Error – HTTP 500 Error
    Timestamp 1. (1. 00:00–1:33) Corrupted .htaccess File Step By Step

    Timestamp 2. (1:34–3:22) Plugin Conflict Step By Step

    Timestamp 3. (3:23–5:38) Memory Conflict Step By Step

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