I Found Something Unexpected in the Jungle! – Green Hell Gameplay – Story Mode

Mia is directing us to the Lambda 2 site on our map in Green Hell story mode, but we’ll need to find a grappling hook to make it up the cliff to the site. We’re off searching in the deep jungle and not only find an abandoned drug factory, but something I was NOT expecting…
Story Mode for Green Hell is out on September 5th, 2019. Want to play Green Hell for yourself? Get it here on steam:

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20 thoughts on “I Found Something Unexpected in the Jungle! – Green Hell Gameplay – Story Mode

  • I don't like Mia so far. She seems self-absorbed and bratty.

    That said, the way she talks and responds back to what Jake says seems like it's his own mind arguing with itself. Maybe the drugs caused some long-term effects.

  • Theory: She believes she's making it out of the jungle, and you're not. She's trading you to the natives for her survival.

  • There was a pot at the drug factory that works like the coconut shell but can hold more water. It was outside in between the buildings. And dead parrots mean there is a spider around.

  • If you put the maggots in water in a coconut shell and boil it it makes soup and saves you losing sanity. I think it also gives you more calories. Great video. This game is fantastic. It doesn’t beat subnautica in my eyes as far as survival games go, but it’s high up the list.

  • I haven't play the story mode but it seems to me that the "Mia" who talks you through the walkie is a residual effect on the alucination caused by the trippy soup

  • A little hint. You can throw your spear. Think that went over the middle button. But should be in the options~. With it you can kill a lot of far. As long as you don't have so many arrows. So for example you can simply kill the snakes, crab and of course also jaguars and all that from far away. Head hits are also one hit 😀

  • You can fill the bidons in the same places you can wash yourself ( it will be dirty water, though). Open backpack, and drag it in water/puddle. Make fire, put bowl on cooking spot, drag bidon to bowl, cook water. When bidon is empty, you can fill it with clean water by hovering over bowl ( can also be used by the collected rainwater, or the bowl you use in the water collector. If you can, grab the pot from the drug lab, it can be used on the fire/water collector, and can hold more water.

  • One heck of a reminder why big cats aren't pets..it's oddly approriate to end up dead when running into a jaguar at full tilt. Great lesson.

  • its so odd, why is your wife concerned about herself? Is she being forced to talk to you? She keeps acting like she will be dead soon.

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