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  • 2 Chances for Elite Royale Pass Season 9 Upgrade Place (25 Levels)
    1st Giveaway: Look for my Season 9 Post on my instagram
    2nd Giveaway: Like and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Comment below why you deserve the Elite Royale Pass Season 9
    Winners Drawn September 20th 12pm EST

  • I'm not gonna beg but please give me a royal pass because I think I'm decent at the game so I want my enemies to get afraid of me when they look at me w all my royal pass outfits and skins. My mom and dad won't let me but stuff so please. I'd really appreciate it if you give it away to me. But anyways I'll keep on supporting you nonetheless. Great content. Cheers!

  • I need it because all my irl friends bought the elite pass for seasons and Im the only free user out of all my friends ever since we started Playing pubg, I just wanna experience what it's like to own an elite pass just this once

  • I like your videos because i like your pro gameplay.i am following all your strategies of COC and implement in coc.Now i start pubg and i want to experience pubg royale pass.

  • @Wicked Gaming i have no money to buy royal pass so please give it to me … If i het the rp from u then i will share your channel to maximum of 1k members and i am from telugu community and i am a mod in Loki yt channel so in that channel also i can share your channel link so that u can get more subscribers from my side … So plz understand and give it to me bro
    PUBGM NAME – 590866047

  • I am your old subscriber and watch all your videos you are lit ?
    Well i dont know i deserve RP or not but the thing is i never purchased RP because i can't afford it, soo i think it will be my day ?

  • I've been playing from the first launch of pubg and i have achieved back to back 8 season 'Ace' in line but unfortunately never was able to buy a elite pass, so i would love to have it, this is my id you can check it out, thankyou
    ID: 2206824608

  • First of all I'm avg player playing from 2nd season but I'm a student so i can't afford RP. So it's better to take part in giveaway. Haven't won a single one yet but i have the same Hope for every giveaway. Won't particularly telling to gift me but just hopping this time luck favours me.?
    Best luck to you also for your channel. Thank for giveaway

  • Ive never gotten the season pass before never i have no money to spend cus i help take care of my almost 2 year old nephew

  • Hey Man! Just saying that your awesome and one of the best content creators. You always get me motivated, this isn't for the RP giveaway, i don't like begging for someone's money lmfao ? Just stating facts ? keep it up man!

  • I don't want Royal pass because I spend hours and hours in watching your channel scrims. But because I believe that as gaming community we should also give something back to PUBG company and just not play the game for free forever. Even though I am broken I saved money for 3 seasons and bought season 7 Royal pass (but season 7 Royal pass was very bad). If you give this Royal pass to me then it would be even more encouraging for me to save money and give back to what PUBG deserves.

  • I think I deserve a royal pass because I've been playing since day one and I have to buy diapers instead of a pass but family is first

  • I mean you are freakin lit??? what elaboration needed on that?
    Never got the royale pass since season 1, really interested in felling like how it feels like to have a royale pass, hopefully it's my day!??

  • I bin always watching your streams and really enjoy it so much. As I am a Kid I dont get so much money and havent got enough money to by royale pass even If I saved long time?

  • Never had a royal pass I’m the worse PUBG player ever. Would be great to at least look good while sucking at the game ??
    IGN : CutTheCheck

  • I've been watching your videos and livestreams since Season 3 when I was first introduced to the game. Your tournaments and scrims helped improving my gameplay. Tbh you don't need a Royale Pass or to spend money to enjoy the game but I've never had the opportunity to get a Royale Pass before. It would be nice to get it this time. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the good work ?.

  • I deserve it because from s2-s9 I haven't wasted any money on a pass or crates Name – Lɸgic・んacks I also subbed since when u had 10k subs

  • Hi wicked my pubg mobile ign: TSC×JAMEAR. I think i should win the royale plass giveaway because i never owned a royale pass also ive been subscribed for a year when you used to do the weekend tournaments i always joined so i would be honored to be gifted the royale pass by you.

  • Elite Royal pass : you get an extra frame and a head start from your friends and unlock some goodies during the end of the season from RP other things no matter how many times you try opening the classic crates you don't get the desired gun skins or clothes so yea need one to get few goodies @WickedSenpai #noticeme ☺️

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