The Worst Game Ever (Pony World 3: No Sex Edition)

Internet! Welcome to what I can quite possibly say is one of the Worst PC Games I have ever played. Granted…I may not be the Target Audience. But Still…This ‘Thing’ is god awful. Worst 4 bucks ever spent…Have any other awful games I can play?!
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Welcome to the Magical and Majestic World of Ponies. Where you can live and simulate the life of a Pony. Oh, does that sound awesome and might be something youre interested in? Good! Because I am here to crush your spirits…There is literally nothing to do in this game besides a couple of crappy Mini Games. And if that wasn’t enough, you sometimes cant even play the mini games because your pony is too tired, or too dirty, or too god damn PMSing to even bother. I mean…seriously…I was Too unhappy to go to the circus? WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF A CIRCUS IF NOT TO MAKE ME UN-UNHAPPY!?
Besides god awful mini games, everything else is simulated. Oh…want to watch a movie? That will be 60 bucks…andddd nothing happens. The game world just acknowledges you watched a movie and you are none the wiser. I can literally go on for days about how crap this game is but it doesnt deserve the time.
Lastly…THE ONE FEATURE WE WERE PROMISED….PONY ON PONY SEX isnt even in the game? No one knows how to freaking do it. So…looks like we wont be making any Pony Babies…I hate it…I HATE EVERYTHING
Music by Kevin Macleod of Incompetech
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