Tutorial: How to fix WORD File Icon for Windows .DOCX file

Hey whats going on guys? Today I will be showing you how to get rid of the white blank icon with “DOCX” written in bold on it and I will also show how to change it back to the standard word file icon. This will also make the file open with WORD and not WORDPAD once you have completed this easy process.

I decided to upload this video as I had the same problem and didn’t know how to resolve it at first and there were no videos for this problem as far as I was aware so I decided that I would make one myself to help you guys out if you have the same problem.

The problem occurs mostly on Windows 7 when you first start up Microsoft Office and select a wrong tick box accidentally.

I hope this tutorial helped you with your problem and I will upload the next tutorial in the near future. Please comment, like and subscribe and also give me some ideas for what to do in future tutorials.

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26 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to fix WORD File Icon for Windows .DOCX file

  • Ooh, myyy woooord. I had this icon issue for ages. Couldn't get Word to store file as template either. They would have the dotx extension, but open just like ordinary files.Related issue?
    The files did open with Word all right, and the file association table showed Word as associated program. No surprise, so looked at it, saw nothing there, closed it. Years ago.
    After deleting, cleaning reinstalling, scrubbing, all of it multiple times and trying hard to find my product key for MS OFfice again… problem still there.
    In despair, after seeing this video, I went to to the file type association again, and just reassociated with Word. It felt so useless and I decided it was the last I was going to try. And whoops, all icons reset properly! Since this worked, did the same for dotx (also associated with Word already) and that fixed it. 2 seconds did what 5 hours couldn't…

    So to all who read this: if extension ALREADY associated with Word, just click Other program and actively choose Word AGAIN. You may be in for a huge and pleasant surprise.

  • This may have happened to you in 2012 but the pain is still real! Thank you so much for this video, i thought i was finally going to have to dump my ancient old laptop and upgrade everything. FYI, this also happened to all of my publisher files and i was able to fix them in the same way.

  • Brilliant, thank you. I didn't fancy explaining to my wife that she'd now have to get used to the grey DOCX icon instead of the blue W for Word after reinstalling Office.

  • I'm using Microsoft Office 365. I had the same problem. Repairing office fixed my problem!
    I used this method:

  • ive tried many things to resolve the same issue. running office 2016 and windows 10 all my other office 2016 programs are fine, just word with the blank icons. The program works fine, just the icon is blank. irritating, and help would be appreciated. [email protected]

  • My friend recommend me a link that can get more cheap but 100% genuine office 2016 product key here: #plus.google.com/u/0/107371369567123953607 Now I have actived my office 2016 , great website!

  • My problem was slightly different, but procedure in video fixed it. All my desktop icons for any file (Office, PDF, etc) was associated with the correct default program. In the bottom left corner of the correct icon is an icon overlay which is managed by an external program (eg: Norton 360) All my icon overlays were an unexpected image of a stack of books. For PDF files I changed the default program from Adobe to my Image Editor and then back to Adobe. Not only did the books overlay get restored correctly for PDF files, but also for all other file types on my Desktop. Another satisfied user.

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