Valve Picks What Sexy Games They Like – More Unfair Bans On Steam

27 thoughts on “Valve Picks What Sexy Games They Like – More Unfair Bans On Steam

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  • You are very liberal for someone speaking English! Nice to see some smart people who actually respect other people's rights. It seems that nowadays England and colonies are turning into USSR and being a liberal is not popular anymore.

  • I am tired of this. I know some really want that steam exposure but it's clear the mofos in charge accepting games hate heterosexual content (unless one of their own made it) and anime so go to any of the other places that won't pull this "accept you then delete you" bs.

  • For goodness sake. Can you stop playing dumb on this? There's nothing unfair about them having a stated history, and employee statements, that they're not going to have underage focused stories and (elementary/middle) school stories in adult titles. The game you brought up as an example is tagged with "Middleschool student heroine" in the visual novel database. Your opinion on the character "Not looking" like a loli is pointless. She's underage straight from the source material. What "western" style adult game has middleschool kids? What furry game has "cubs" as a target of affection on steam? Zero and zero. I can't enjoy content that insults my intelligence.

  • I left PC at the beginning of the decade, Steam was new. I'm going back to PC soon and I don't give a damn to Steam, PC was fun before it, so if there are updates I'll just pirate them.

  • I had all 4 episodes of Taimanin Asagi on my wishlist and when they got removed from the store my wishlist glitched out. Now the number of items in my wishlist (top right corner of the menu) is permanently 4 more than the actual number of items in my wishlist. Not a big deal to some but it drives my OCD crazy.

  • Unfortunately, Valve is located in the Seattle area and Seattle is almost as bad as San Francisco when it comes to the SJW infestation and Valve lets employees have too much free reign, so an SJW can ban all sorts of things without any manager seeing it.

  • this is why sony and I are done not getting any AAA tittles from them for any games at all after i get the couple games
    I want next year from them and then from here on out I am done with them done. done.

  • Valve sometimes gives me the impression that they are only OK with hardcore sex games if they are gay games. Are there games with gay sexual content that has been banned? I can't remember

  • I don't play any of these sort of games, BUT I did back the most funded adult game on Kickstarter ever, and it was promised that it's coming to Steam, so this is concerning. I agree with what you've said here 100%.

  • This is the very reason why I have been vocal about these types of games because valve and Sony aren't looking to try to censor underage content but trying to censor sexual content in japanese-based games in general. But because they used the term of age most people don't even want to talk about it because a characters age is an issue that needs no discussion and should be common sense.

    But people that are vocal about this treating fictional characters like they're real people is beyone ludicrous. Especially if they can't tell the difference between underaged and adult. It's got people to lose their collective minds to the point that they flat out call you a pedo if you don't agree with them.

  • The problem is these developers made their own game. They should have known to just upload a store bought asset pack and they would be fine.

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